Hey guys! kooljack2000 with some new CPPS news. Last night, Exodus - a very nice CPPS - opened. However, the users' joy were turned to anger when the site was DDoS attacked by an unknown person. I posted on rile5 that it wasn't working when parad0x told me the news, as seen in the picture above. Let's hope this CPPS comes back soon!
4/27/2013 09:34:26 pm

I Want You To Take Of All My Accounts I Hacked Or I Hack You And You Website If Don't By The Time I Get New Pass's I Will Close This Website. "We Are Anonymous"

4/29/2013 05:12:18 am

hi, sorry for this mis understanding! I couldnt find a way to contact u! If you want ill put credits!

6/27/2013 07:33:21 pm

Shut up, Mist you can do nothing ur just one of the stupid crows u arent the anonymous "We Are Awesome"


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