Ok, so while I've been on iCarry a lot of users have been having trouble getting new items because the codes aren't working.
First off, your gonna need some more money. 
1) say !ac and then put a space and then type in the number of coins you want 
Ex: !ac 1000000

2) you can also say !addall to get all of the items avalible --- which is A LOT! 

Hope this helped! (:

Hey guys! kooljack2000 with some new CPPS news. Last night, Exodus - a very nice CPPS - opened. However, the users' joy were turned to anger when the site was DDoS attacked by an unknown person. I posted on rile5 that it wasn't working when parad0x told me the news, as seen in the picture above. Let's hope this CPPS comes back soon!
Hi guys!

kooljack2000 here. I know, I know, the site was apparently hacked by someone, but thanks to the hard work of jadbalout the site is back! How awesome is that!

Ok, let's get to why I'm posting. Simplicity has put up the Halloween Party after its "fatal" server crash that resulted in everyone having to re-register. Stuart (the owner of the CPPS) has included an !addall command, and the beta hat will be patched on May 1st 2013, so get the beta hat before it goes by using the !BETA command. To visit Simplicity click here!

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