Hello JadCPPSCheats fans!

Kooljack2000 here bringing you 2 new CPPSes: PenguinUnited and CPPS.co. Let's start with PenguinUnited.

You may recognise PenguinUnited from an older server of the same name owned by Piraveen, but it shut down because the staff were fighting and they received a Cease & Desist notice from Disney. But now, the server is back (with a different domain)! Piraveen has confirmed he is going to make the CPPS an AS3 (ActionScript 3) server, which is pretty advanced for a small CPPS in beta testing. Upcoming features include games, postcards, contests, stamps, nameglow and more! Click here to go to PenguinUnited's homepage.

CPPS.co is a new CPPS owned by Chris (aka DMC/DMCi), and it is already a big one. It has a HUGE array of custom features, such as rooms, items, iCPv2 commands, a custom interface & shell, custom messages, namecolor/nameglow, bubble color/bubble glow, a PM system, music while you log on, and SO MUCH MORE! They are even giving away free nameglow for a time and a custom-coloured beta hat while they beta test the game! So register and join today: you will not regret it! Click HERE to go to CPPS.co's website!

Hope you enjoy those CPPSes.
8/18/2013 11:14:23 am



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